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A Horse Boarders Dream

Fall At Signal Rock Stables

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Winter at Our Stables


If you love trail riding with wonderful views  of hay fields, pastures, and woodlands with lovely hills and valleys.  If your horse loves large grassy paddocks with run in sheds and 24/7 turn out, but still enjoys a well bedded stall during tough winter storms.  If you also want a nice shredded rubber/sandy, lighted riding ring to work your horse in.  If you are looking for owners on site and individual care for your horse.  If you want a heated bathroom and rubber matted stalls.  If you want to feel like you have your own private barn....

Signal Rock Stables is your perfect barn


Signal Rock Stables is located in Central MA, in the town of Charlton on a beautiful old farm.   With 245 acres of land to enjoy, the farm is made up of 100 acres of hay fields, 50 acres of pastures and the rest as woodlands with lovely trails.  The property is close to Fay Mountain Farm and the mid state trail for additional riding - you could be gone for days.  

We manage the care and feeding of the horses ourselves, the owners of the farm, Kevin and Marianne McCarthy.  We  have many years of experience riding and caring for horses and believe that horses should be cared for in as natural a manner as possible while still providing for all of their needs.  Basically we want healthy, happy horses.   Although the barn has 9 horse stalls, we have chosen to only board a few horses in addition to our own.  We enjoy providing exceptional care for each horse - and excellent turnout.

During the winter months​ when there are snowstorms, rain, heavy winds, or arctic temperatures the horses are all brought into the big barn and into individual stalls.  Each stall has rubber mats, heated water buckets, mineral/salt blocks, and lots of fresh dry shavings.   The stalls are cleaned and re-bedded daily while the horses are in.  We blanket the horses according to each horses needs and the weather.

The rest of the time the horses are turned out in very large grass paddocks(2/3 acre or more each) with run-in sheds, large water tanks (heated in cold weather), mineral/salt blocks and bug spray/fly masks applied as needed.  The horses are by themselves unless an owner has multiple horses and wants them together.  Our paddocks are large enough that the horses have unlimited grazing from spring through late fall.   In addition, we provide unlimited hay like we do the rest of the year.

We make all the hay here on our farm from our fertilized hay fields and stored in our barn.  The soil is tested and fertilized according to what it needs, with selenium being added to offset the deficiency that the Northeast is known for. 

During the non-grazing months, we provide each horse unlimited hay inside their hay huts or stalls.  For the easy keepers we use the slow feed nets both in the hay huts and their stalls. Slow feeding emulates natural grazing and prevents colic, heals ulcers and reduces boredom.  The horses are very content with this feeding method.

For the owners we offer a heated bathroom with hot water, a nice riding ring 66' wide by 144' long, made of a mix of sand and shredded rubber which provides good drainage and melts ice/snow quickly making it ridable for most winter days. We have great trails, a good size tack room with lots of saddle racks and a feeling that you have your own private barn to unwind in.

Signal Rock Stables is an elite horse boarding farm in the Charlton, MA horse boarding directory on

Signal Rock Stables
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