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About Us

Welcome to Signal Rock Stables - a dream come true for my husband and I - Kevin and Marianne McCarthy.  We purchased the 245 acre farm in August 2005 after many years of looking and dreaming.  Kevin wanted a place where he could make lots and lots of hay so of course he could have all the tractors and attachments that go with that and a big barn to store it all in.  I just wanted to live on a farm, always thought it would be a wonderful place to be, with lots of room for riding horses and keeping some other animals too.  Neither of us grew up on a farm but Kevin had spent summers in Scotland on his Aunt and Uncles farm and loved it.  I grew up in a small town with a small yard but loved to visit my friends who lived out in the country - little did I know all the work that went into those lovely farms!


Kevin grew up riding and taking care of his Mom's horse, a Morgan, that he was required to ride daily out in an open field so the horse was ready to ride whenever his Mom had time.  With both his parents from Ireland, he naturally learned to ride English and was given strict lessons.  This was great training for Kevin and he became a very good rider and very comfortable with all aspects of horse care.


I hopped on a horse whenever I had a chance - getting on several farm horses over the years, but never really had any idea how to ride until I was finally in a position (time and money of course) to take lessons and learn all that I could about horses and riding.  I became addicted and rode for many years on a daily basis, eventually owning a horse after leasing many.  During these years I would dream of having even a small field to go ride in after working my horse in my riding ring.


As our dreams evolved a plan developed where I could work on the farm too - I would milk sheep and have cheese made with the milk, sell grass fed lamb meat and wonderful wool products.  So off we went...see our web page for more information about that!  


After 13 years on the farm, we had a chance to fine tune our farm while continuing to improve on it all the time.  We now board only a handful of horses verse the 18 that were here when we arrived.  We find we can provide what we feel every horse deserves that was difficult to provide before with so many horses.  We love having horses on our property and enjoy all their individual personalities.  We work with each boarder to make sure their horse is getting the care they want.  We hope you enjoy visiting our website and are welcome to come visit our stables.  Please just give us a call at (508) 248-1845 or email me at

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